Advertising on Google

To bring your business closer to potential clients and beat the competition we advise you to advertise on the Google search engine and the Google Network through the Google AdWords system. will create for you a marketing plan based on to the resources you have available and the market you are targeting and we will manage and optimize your marketing campaign. Our price for this service depends on the size of the budget and the campaign.


Google Analytics

To successfully track the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign it is necessary to set up website analytics. Analytics System provides a wealth of information about the visitors of your website and the source from which visitors come to your website. does the implementation and reporting for the Analytics system according to your needs.


Advertising on Facebook

Certain types of business can significantly increase their traffic by advertising on the Facebook social network. We will manage your Facebook Ads campaign for you. We certainly recommend creating a free business profile on Facebook, which will be linked to your website so you can communicate with your customers through social networks.