Web design

hobos.marketing agency builds and hosts responsive websites. Responsive means that a website adapts its design and content to the screen size. That means we will build you a website customized for smartphones and tablets.

Building a website means creating your online identity. If you don’t have a website yet, then you don’t have an online identity, which means you do not exist and you are not available for thousands of potential partners and clients.


Why do you need a website?

  • To create your online identity
  • To present yourself to your partners and clients
  • To improve your business and increase profits


How are we going to build a website?

First it is necessary to create basic conditions for its existence. You need a registered domain (www.domain.com) and website hosting. Your domain is very important for your visibility online, so you need to think hard about the domain name you want to register.

hobos.marketing will gladly advise you about domains and register domains for you, and we offer website hosting with special prices for our clients. After registering the domain and website hosting the website building project we:

  • define the website structure (web pages)
  • define key elements on the web pages
  • define the required website content (pictures, text, video)
  • define the deadlines
  • build the website
  • test the website functionality and do the necessary corrections


Website grows with your company

We believe that building a website is not a one-time project, but a continuous process that follows your company growth. To ensure the presentation quality for your visual identity we offer the service of continuous maintenance of your website, or we can educate a person in your company to update your website within the content management system.